Uranium Ore
Uranium Ore
Type Ore
Tool Grid Diamond Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 4095
Mod Included Atomic Science

Uranium Ore is a key ore used in the Atomic Science mod and can be refined to Uranium-235 and Uranium-238.


Uranium Ore is usually not found until layer 20 or lower, and typically spawns as single blocks, with a few rare veins forming of 2-3 blocks. Standing near, uncovering or picking up uranium ore may cause the player to become irradiated. Uncovering uranium by mining a block between it and yourself releases a radiation cloud which may immediately irradiate you if are not wearing a Hazmat Suit. Having it in your inventory or placing it yourself does not allow this effect.

Processing Uranium Ore requires a Nuclear Boiler which needs power and a water supply, which will produce Uranium Hexafluoride. A more efficient method is to process the ore through a Chemical Extractor, producing Yellowcake, which is then processed in a Nuclear Boiler. Uranium Hexafluoride can be refined in a Centrifuge to create Uranium-235 (Enriched Uranium) or Uranium-238 (Breeding Uranium).


Known BugsEdit

  • In the 1.0.11 build Uranium Ore does not spawn naturally in the world. However the 1.0.12 build and later seems to rectify this problem.
  • Also, in build 1.0.11 and higher (also may be in other builds) it is called Uraninite.
  • By 2.0.4 it is called Uranium Ore again.