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Okay so recently it would seem that most recipes for bronze ingots are not working, but currently it would seem that there is a new method for making bronze ingots.

First off a generator is required (best starting generator is the heat generator) and then you will need to power a crusher and a metallurgic infuser. You may need to store the power from your generator in to a battery box. Any alternate sources of power work as well. 

2013-01-26 12.48.52

A heat generator. Alternate ways to power it would be to put buckets of burnable fuel inside of it.

Took long enough? Well this method still requires a bit more and here is the rest of the directions to make bronze ingots once you have some type of sustainable power generator.Now that you have power it would be best to start wiring up your battery box to the machines. Once the machines are sufficiently powered then you can start the process of making bronze ingots.


Bronze ingots are not that easy to make in the current version anymore. You can not just slab some copper and tin together to make bronze dust. 

  • Tin being crushed into tin dust in a crusher.
  • Tin dust and copper ingots working together in a metallurgic infuser to create bronze ingots!
Firstly here you will need to crush tin ingots to dust. Then put the tin dust in the farthest left slot of the metallurgic infuser to fill up the left bar with tinny goodness! Much like the process of making steel the tin dust acts like compressed carbon in the metallurgic infuser

Anyways just put some tin dust in the furthest left slot of the metallurgic infuser and then put copper ingots in to the left slot. If the machine has power then this method should create bronze ingots.

I hope this was helpful!



Thank you for reading!

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