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Quote from Atomic Science Manual:Edit

"Strange Matter is...well..strange. The methods of obtaining strange matter remain a mystery, but it is sometimes found near antimatter colliders..."


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Strange Matter

Strange Matter

Strange Matter

Strange Matter

Antimatter Explosives

Strange Matter

Strange Matter

Strange Matter

Strange Matter

Red Matter Explosives

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It is made by setting up a Particle Accelerator. Put the Particle Accelerator at one end leaving the other open and power it with a Fusion Reactor.

Feed it with Dirt as its cheap and just wait. It took me about 2-3 stacks before any Strange Matter was produced.
2013-02-23 12.58.39

The open side of a strange matter generator.

2013-02-23 12.58.55

This is where the Particle Accelerator goes.

2013-02-23 12.59.08

After a long time (2-3 stacks of Dirt) you should see this.

See pics for an overview.

This gives a 2% chance to drop strange matter. This costs massive amounts of power and has low success rates.

Strange Matter can be used to create Red Matter Explosives, which when combined with a missile module makes a Red Matter Missile. See recipe on pic below

If you have the resources and of course the available power, you can place the generators next to each other, thus saving the build cost. It will still take a long time to make Strange Matter but the more you have running the better chance of producing.

  • 4 Strange Matter generators
  • Main power comes from this side, redstone to lever turns it all on.
  • Top view, strange Matter is collected in the centre.