Steve's Stopwatch GUI

A device that can be used to change the time. Players can set time to sunrise, noon, sunset, or midnight. Pressing Credits shows information about the Mekanism mod.

2013-01-05 11.29.14

Steve´s Stopwatch Recipe


In the top of a Theoretical Elementizer, you put an Enriched Alloy and in the bottom slot, a diamond. The player can energize the Theoretical Elementizer with Batteries, Energy Cubes etc., or the player can use any Generators (also allowing for HV) . Once the player puts the items in the corresponding slots, and the Theoretical Elementizer is powered, the Status will move from 0% to 100%. An important note is just that you need the correct amount of energy, otherwise the Status will not reach 100%. This means the Theoretical Elementizer won´t produce Steve´s Stopwatch. Another important note is as follows: the player can also get a Weather Orb (so you have a 50% chance of obtaining the stopwatch).