Solar Generator
Solar Generator
Type Generator
Output Voltage 120V
Capacity 96kJ
Electricity 600W
Stackable No
Data Value 4094:1
Mod Included Mekanism

The Solar Generator is an alternative source of power supply utilizing the sun to produce as much as 120 Volts.

It can charge an object placed within it or be connected to a larger power grid through Universal Cable. Solar Generators can function with transparent blocks such as Reinforced Glass above them, generating power throughout the daytime. The generator has its own internal buffer which can hold a maximum of 96kJ.

Its output is marked by a red cube facing the player when placed and it can also output through the underside.


Crafting GUI.png

Solar Panel

Enriched Alloy

Osmium Dust

Solar Panel

Iron Ingot

Energy Tablet

Solar Panel

Enriched Alloy

Osmium Dust

Solar Generator



Solar Generator GUI

The Solar Panel's GUI is simple enough.

On the left there is a Sun/Moon icon indicating whether panel has sunlight access or not (either due to obstacles or simply, night).

In the middle the black panel shows:

Line 1: Energy currently stored in its internal buffer.

Line 2: Sun Boolean similar to the left indicator.

Line 3: Output power voltage.

The slot at the right accepts batteries or handheld devices and powers them up using it's generated energy directly.

Finally the Bar at right is the internal energy buffer Indicator, currently full in this image.