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basic forcefield


To get started you'll need :

You will want a MFFS Multi Tool (Wrench) so you can rotate and remove the MFFS units because they are indestructable once placed unless in creative if you do not have the tool.

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how to get forcicium

After you get A LOT of monazit ore, since you will need a lot to power the forcefield(s) that you are going to be using, all you need to do is hook the MFFS Extractor up to your main power supply, if you have one, or any power supply. After that you put the Forcelium that you got from the monazit ore in the MFFS Extractor slot above the large box it should have an arrow pointing to it or from it. Turn on the machine and after you have the forcelium being processed you will have to put down a MFFS Capacitor and use a blank MFFS card on the capacitor and then the extractor. After you have done that the capacitor should start filling up with FE. 

After you have the above set up you can then put down a projector.  After you have the projector where you want it you have to power it up. To do this you have to get another blank MFFS card and use it on the Capacitor and then on the projector and it should then be linked up to the power supply. Now you only need to activate the forcefeild with a lever or a redstone torch if you have not changed the on/off settings in the MFFS units and if you have just turn then to the redstone torch symbol they should be in the top right of most of the machines.

In my testing you should probably have a lot more than one extractor working at once on the creation of FE power because the forcefeilds burn through FE like radiation through your health bar.