Metallurgic Infuser Interface

The Metallurgic infuser interface showing the alternative method of creating Refined Steel

The Metallurgic Infuser is a machine that infuses an item and a compatible component into the infused item. It can be used to create Steel Dust and Bronze Ingots. Steel Dust requires an Enriched Iron in the main slot and Compressed Carbon in the component slot, and Bronze Ingots require a Copper Ingot in the main slot and Tin Dust in the component slot. The Infuser can hold up to 10kJ of power.

Metallurgic Infuser can be powered by redstone, a battery, or an external power source attached with wires. ENSURE THE EXTERNAL POWER SOURCE IS LINKED UP FROM THE RED SIDE, as the red side is the output of Energy Cubes

Below the bar that shows power there is a small black button that says dump, this button clears all of the infusing materials (tin dust or compressed carbon) out of the machine. This can be useful is you are switching between making steel dust and bronze ingots and don't have the time to use the rest of the infusing materials. Beware though, because you will not get the materials back they will just disappear.

Recipe Edit

Metalurgic infuser Crafting recipe

Crafting Recipe for the Metallurgic Infuser

Ingredients Required


Metallurgic Infuser Tutorial

1. The main input slot. When you have the correct component in slot 2, the item in this slot will be infused.

2. The added component to be infused into the item in slot 1. Will fill up the gauge to its left (2.a.)

3. The output slot. 

4. The energy slot. If a charged battery is placed here, the Infuser will use its power, storing it in the gauge to its right (4.a.). If the Infuser is attached to a Battery Box or other energy storage devices, it will fill up the gauge using power from there.

5. The upgrade slot. Place an upgrade here, and the Infuser will use it.

Video TutorialEdit

DoppelgangerSoup's Tutorial: Removed due to being set as private.