It's advisable to have your cruise launcher deployed at a high altitude so it can successfully hit its set target without colliding with anything in the way.

Programmable with X, Y, and Z coordinates, and frequency.


The cruise launcher requires electricity to be supplied to it directly, as it does not use a control panel. Simply run wires from a power source to the block where the launcher was placed.

Right clicking the cruise launcher with a missile in your hand will load the launcher.

Using a radar gun, scan a target location. Return to the launcher, and right-click on the launcher. This will transfer the data. Remember that the launcher fires in a straight line, so it will hit any obstructions between the launcher and the target, and the missile will detonate.

Supply a redstone signal of some kind to the launcher when it has enough energy (right click to check energy level and target coordinates). This will fire the launcher in the direction of the target.


Crafting GUI.png

Launcher Support Frame T3

Steel Plate

Launcher Platform T3

Steel Plate

Steel Plate

Cruise Launcher