Blast Furnace Brick

4 nether brick 4 soul sand 1 magma cream = 4 blast furnace bricks OR 4 infernal bricks 1 magma cream = 4 blast furnace bricks

The blast furnace bricks are used to make blast furnaces. To make a blast furnace you need 34 blast furnace bricks, which means you need to craft them 9 times. It is highly recommended if you're going to make a blast furnace to use the recipe on the top in the photo. It will save you about 2X the ingredients. To create the actual blast oven, however, you will need a four high space. On the bottom layer, make a flat 3x3 layer of brick, then do the same for layers 2&3, except leaving a hole in the center. For the top layer, create another flat 3x3 layer of brick.

<p sab="473">Despite their look, Infernal Brick and blast furnace bricks are NOT the same thing. Infernal Bricks are used for building, while Blast Furnace Bricks are used to make the furnace. It is unadvised to use Blast Furnace Bricks for decoration, as they will constantly check to see if they form a viable furnace, causing lag.